NBC claims that Propel has “The Most Sought-After Yachts”

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As Miami’s Art Basel kicked off the winter charter season, our Co-Founder Liliana Lopez sat down with NBC 6’s “Luxury Lifestyles” host Victoria Randolph to chat about Propel Yacht’s growth and charter offerings that are taking the Miami waters by storm.

Liliana discussed how the Propel Yachts fleet has grown to include the most sought-after yachts in Miami in sizes that range from 39 to over 100 feet in length. Available for day trips, short term and long term charters, these yachts are available in Florida and The Bahamas. In an exciting development, some of the yachts in Propel’s fleet have also been licensed to charter in Cuba.

Propel continues to exceed clients expectations with its tailored charter experience packages, which include Shark-Tagging, Go-Fast Excursions and Guided Diving Adventures.

To learn more, watch the video and check out the offerings on the Yacht Rentals & Charters page and elsewhere on this site.

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